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May 02 2016

RZK-B in da studio

I was so happy to hear that folks from my country are working with Richard now. Stay tuned 😉 (c)KHDK

Apr 18 2016

Cuz we all love new pictures!

The boss playing the infamous ESP 901 “Herzeleid” guitar. (c)RZK

Apr 12 2016

What’s your secret, Richard?

Looks like 20 years old again. I mean, seriously, HOW?! (c)RZK

Apr 10 2016

The man has style!

Have a great week (c)RZK

Feb 07 2016

And part of me too

RF.net: Emigrate has always been classed as a side project RZK: it’s not a side project. It’s a new project and it will continue, and will always be a part of me

Oct 07 2015

Rammstein duty

Sooo, Richard is a bit busy with his other band now