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Aug 05 2016

One pic from hometown

Berlin, August 5, thx Fabian!

Jul 28 2016

Attending Cirque Du Soleil

Having good time in Mexico with Till. ©CirgueDuSoleil

Jun 20 2016

Ramones and Starbucks

Perfect combination.

Jun 18 2016

The flamethrower

Can’t imagine how heavy the guitar must be. ©Pieterjan Ballyn

Jun 14 2016

Sexy motherfucker

I guess you already noticed Richard is saying “sexy motherfucker” at the beginning of Du Riecht So Gut. Besides the fact he is indeed a sexy motherfucker, it is actually an ode to Prince.

Jun 10 2016


Thx @hkdsass Photo (c)Francesco Castaldo

Jun 09 2016

From RZK Audio

“Here is a small update for you. The first batch of guitar strings from Monza, Vienna and Luzern is now in production. The boss has already signed all the cards 😉 They will be shipped in approx two weeks. All the leather bracelets and guitar straps have been mailed out today. Thanks folks!” (c)rzk

Jun 08 2016

You guys rock!

Over 3k fans on instagram. Thank you 🙂

Jun 04 2016

The Mastermind


Jun 03 2016

Rammstein on tour

Good morning! A picture from yesterday. Big thx to (c)Francesco Castaldo. Enjoy your weekend and have fun if you’re going to see Rammstein!

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