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Oct 24 2016

Who knows what’s going on today?

Pictures are hints!                                   That’s right, it’s Eat You Alive anniversary!

Oct 12 2016

Pic for the anniversary

Thx Donna Sassano

Oct 12 2016


Happy anniversary to NYC single! 9 years <3️ For me probably the most important song of all. It was the beginning. Atmosphere of the song is amazing and those few starting notes that go through the whole song will always be the first thing I remember when someone mentions it.

Oct 10 2016

Patiently waiting for new album

Oct 04 2016

Redesign on fb

As always, big thx to Donna Sassano!

Sep 13 2016

One lucky girl

Not smart tho. If she was smart she would ask Olaf Heine who’s photobombing the pic to take it.

Sep 07 2016

Check out Bandist for RZK gear


Sep 04 2016

Huge street art with tiny RZK

Thx Olaf Heine for great pic!

Aug 24 2016

Takamine guitar

New item on Vintageandrare. Buy HERE Photo ©RZK AUDIO

Aug 16 2016

New collaboration on the way

VAMPS and Richard! Release day should be August 31st. “The coupling track in the single RISE OR DIE also features another renowned name, with the guitarist of German industrial-metal band Rammstein, Richard Z. Kruspe, lending his guitar and composing skills for the song” Article HERE

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