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Sep 07 2016

Check out Bandist for RZK gear


Aug 24 2016

Takamine guitar

New item on Vintageandrare. Buy HERE Photo ©RZK AUDIO

May 30 2016


Beautiful. Thx for sending in @rzk_

May 22 2016

Picks of destiny?


May 19 2016

Ripped right from the hell in a hole

“Richardova Emigrate “Eat you alive” kytara. Viděli jste video? Ta věc je špinavá jak $%§, haha 🙂 “ (c)RZK

May 17 2016

Bracelet made from used strings

“What do you think about the bracelet idea? Here is a sample made of guitar strings used by Richard at Wacken Open Air with Rammstein. Everything handwritten by the boss. Sterling Silver Engraved RZK. Comes also with an exclusive stageJim Dunlop Guitar Products RZK guitar pick. Feedback please !” (c)RZK

May 15 2016

“Remember those guitars? Just found them in storage”

Yes, I remember those <3

May 12 2016

Emigrate bass drum

Apr 18 2016

Cuz we all love new pictures!

The boss playing the infamous ESP 901 “Herzeleid” guitar. (c)RZK

Apr 05 2016

I love it!

“Hi friends…! A question for you What If we would save all the strings that Richard uses on the upcoming Rammstein tour and make them into bracelets for you. Check the sample picture. You could order a bracelet with strings Richard played on the show you attended:) Good idea, bad idea, thoughts?” (c)RZK

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