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Oct 24 2016

Who knows what’s going on today?

Pictures are hints!                                   That’s right, it’s Eat You Alive anniversary!

Oct 12 2016


Happy anniversary to NYC single! 9 years <3️ For me probably the most important song of all. It was the beginning. Atmosphere of the song is amazing and those few starting notes that go through the whole song will always be the first thing I remember when someone mentions it.

Sep 16 2016

Eat You Alive

Emigrate Eat You Alive bass drum is now available on Bandist. Link HERE

Aug 21 2016

“Rise or die”

Here is the new song of the band Vamps that was written by Richard. (He isn’t in the video nor do you actually hear anything of him) Enjoy.

May 19 2016

Ripped right from the hell in a hole

“Richardova Emigrate “Eat you alive” kytara. Viděli jste video? Ta věc je špinavá jak $%§, haha 🙂 “ (c)RZK

May 17 2016

“Ripped right from the hands of heaven”

Richard’s EC-1000 SSP

May 12 2016

Emigrate bass drum

May 03 2016

“Behind the scenes” of Move It

Apr 11 2016

“No guts, no glory!” RZK

Taken from an interview with Richard

Apr 08 2016

New music video is out

Move It, Move it!!! It’s so hot. Seriously, wow. Great job, guys HOTEI RZK – Richard Z. Kruspe

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