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Sep 13 2016

Win a RZK strap

Unfortunately not everyone can see this giveaway. Good luck to those that can 🙂 Link HERE

Jun 14 2016

RZK’s guitar picks in stock!

Buy one pack of 4 signature guitar picks for €14. RZK AUDIO

May 31 2016


New website with shop. (c)RZK

May 17 2016

Bracelet made from used strings

“What do you think about the bracelet idea? Here is a sample made of guitar strings used by Richard at Wacken Open Air with Rammstein. Everything handwritten by the boss. Sterling Silver Engraved RZK. Comes also with an exclusive stageJim Dunlop Guitar Products RZK guitar pick. Feedback please !” (c)RZK

Apr 01 2016

Be fast :)

FRIENDS OF RZK We are happy to announce that Richards Signature Straps are now available worldwide! Be quick before they go. 100 Custom Straps First Edition. Limited / Signed. Check them out at: http://www.richterstraps.com/rzk_en (c)RZK

Mar 09 2016

The rumors are true!

There’s a new page on fb which is run by Team RZK. Meaning – the closest to Richard you can get. First giveaway coming soon! (c)RZK https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRZK/

Dec 16 2015

Rammstein Shop on fb

RammsteinShop has its own fb page now: https://www.facebook.com/RammsteinShop/

Dec 10 2015

For piano lovers

Wilder Wein on piano. Oh my… <3 Snippet  Did you grab new Klavier book? RammsteinShop

Oct 10 2015

Feuer und Wasser by the fire

Sep 06 2015

T’shirts and more

New brand by Terry Matlin (Emigrate’s lyricist as you should already know). Follow ByFireNY for info and new designs. Im sure there is more about to come

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