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May 06 2017

Breaking the silence

from the Teamrock article, Richard talks about the new Emigrate Album!!-DS Breaking the silence Richard updates us on the third Emigrate album, which features a cameo from his old buddy Till How is the next Emigrate record coming along? Richard: “Ah man, it’s finished. I changed management, and now I’m putting a team together. There’s …

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Oct 10 2016

Patiently waiting for new album

Apr 11 2016

“No guts, no glory!” RZK

Taken from an interview with Richard

Apr 08 2016

Move It is out!!! Enjoy

Also with interview TEAM ROCK

Apr 03 2016

Happy name day

It’s Richard’s names day today! All the best ?

Mar 23 2016

If you need new music

Richard’s Top 3 albums in spring/summer 2001: 1. Ministry: Psalm 69 2. Dido: No Angel 3. Black Mail: 1 Picture: Donna Sassano Interview: Kaista

Mar 21 2016


“Metal Hammer: At the end, you scream “Bitch!” Where does that come from? HOTEI: Haha, that’s not from me! RZK – Richard Z. Kruspe: Actually, I stole that. Haha! I did a track with Marilyn Manson [Emigrate’s Hypothetical] and he said, “Bitch!” Everyone’s stealing from everyone anyway…” Full resolution ->

Mar 03 2016

I was a virgin, you were my first!

Metal Hammer: Richard, is this the first time doing vocals for someone else? Richard: Yes. Hotei (whispers): Thank you. Richard: I was a virgin, you were my first one! Check out the full article in Metal Hammer magazine, available now in the UK. ‪#‎Move‬It, the new single featuring ‪#‎RichardZKruspe‬ from Emigrate coming soon…..

Feb 25 2016

From interview with Hotei 

Full interview if you’re interested HERE

Jan 24 2016

The heart and soul of this band

Richard and Arnaud

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