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May 03 2016

“Behind the scenes” of Move It

Apr 11 2016

Cover of the single

Mind blowing remix included! Hounds made a great job once again

Apr 11 2016

“No guts, no glory!” RZK

Taken from an interview with Richard

Apr 08 2016

Move It is out!!! Enjoy

Also with interview TEAM ROCK

Apr 08 2016

New music video is out

Move It, Move it!!! It’s so hot. Seriously, wow. Great job, guys HOTEI RZK – Richard Z. Kruspe

Apr 07 2016

Teasing us. TOMORROW!

Richard Z. Kruspe from Emigrate/ Rammstein in the new music video for ‪#‎MoveIt‬… global premiere tomorrow on Metal Hammer !!

Apr 05 2016

Video teaser

This Friday, global premiere of Hotei’s new music video ‪#‎MoveIt‬, featuring Richard Z. Kruspe from Emigrate/Rammstein. Stay tuned. ‪#‎Strangers‬

Mar 21 2016


“Metal Hammer: At the end, you scream “Bitch!” Where does that come from? HOTEI: Haha, that’s not from me! RZK – Richard Z. Kruspe: Actually, I stole that. Haha! I did a track with Marilyn Manson [Emigrate’s Hypothetical] and he said, “Bitch!” Everyone’s stealing from everyone anyway…” Full resolution ->

Mar 03 2016

I was a virgin, you were my first!

Metal Hammer: Richard, is this the first time doing vocals for someone else? Richard: Yes. Hotei (whispers): Thank you. Richard: I was a virgin, you were my first one! Check out the full article in Metal Hammer magazine, available now in the UK. ‪#‎Move‬It, the new single featuring ‪#‎RichardZKruspe‬ from Emigrate coming soon…..

Feb 25 2016

From interview with Hotei 

Full interview if you’re interested HERE

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