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Apr 12 2016

What’s your secret, Richard?

Looks like 20 years old again. I mean, seriously, HOW?! (c)RZK

Apr 04 2016


If anyone pays attention to the guitar, it’s the first prototype of RZK-I PS called RZK-0. Seen already at the end of Mutter era. This pic is from Ahoi tour

Jun 17 2015

I’ve never seen pretty lights

I took this beauty to my work today and I put some pretty lights on her

May 03 2015

RZK-II in Slayer

Repost from @guitarworldmagazine because we know who created this guitar, right? Gary Holt (Slayer) is the proud owner of ESP RZK-II Burnt

May 01 2015

This guitar…

ESP RZK-I Platinum Silver

Feb 05 2015


Do you have any new signature guitars in the pipeline? “I already have the RZK-1 and RZK-2, which is a Les Paul kinda thing, but we’re thinking of doing something new but I haven’t had time to come up with the concept yet. That will be the RZK-3.” Read more HERE