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May 17 2016

Bracelet made from used strings

“What do you think about the bracelet idea? Here is a sample made of guitar strings used by Richard at Wacken Open Air with Rammstein. Everything handwritten by the boss. Sterling Silver Engraved RZK. Comes also with an exclusive stageJim Dunlop Guitar Products RZK guitar pick. Feedback please !” (c)RZK

May 17 2016

“Ripped right from the hands of heaven”

Richard’s EC-1000 SSP

May 15 2016

“Remember those guitars? Just found them in storage”

Yes, I remember those <3

May 03 2016

“Behind the scenes” of Move It

May 02 2016

RZK-B in da studio

I was so happy to hear that folks from my country are working with Richard now. Stay tuned 😉 (c)KHDK

Apr 30 2016

Happy birthday, Zdenda!

Cake level master! One of my close friends has birthday today and he got this cake from his mother-in-law. It might be poisoned, but even if so, I’d be happy to die after eating this cake! Altho, I would’t probably touch it. It’s too pretty to be eaten. @zdblazek86  (c)Zdenek Blazek, Emigrate Fans

Apr 25 2016

Another studio time


Apr 20 2016

Riff master riffin’


Apr 18 2016

Cuz we all love new pictures!

The boss playing the infamous ESP 901 “Herzeleid” guitar. (c)RZK

Apr 17 2016

So hypothetical

I see the sweat is beading From what I peel apart

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