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Nov 11 2016


Once again, thx Donna Sassano.

Sep 07 2016

Check out Bandist for RZK gear


Aug 23 2016


Thx again, Donna!

Aug 16 2016

New collaboration on the way

VAMPS and Richard! Release day should be August 31st. “The coupling track in the single RISE OR DIE also features another renowned name, with the guitarist of German industrial-metal band Rammstein, Richard Z. Kruspe, lending his guitar and composing skills for the song” Article HERE

Jun 18 2016

The flamethrower

Can’t imagine how heavy the guitar must be. ©Pieterjan Ballyn

Jun 14 2016

RZK’s guitar picks in stock!

Buy one pack of 4 signature guitar picks for €14. RZK AUDIO

Jun 10 2016


Thx @hkdsass Photo (c)Francesco Castaldo

Jun 09 2016

From RZK Audio

“Here is a small update for you. The first batch of guitar strings from Monza, Vienna and Luzern is now in production. The boss has already signed all the cards 😉 They will be shipped in approx two weeks. All the leather bracelets and guitar straps have been mailed out today. Thanks folks!” (c)rzk

Jun 04 2016

The Mastermind


May 19 2016

Ripped right from the hell in a hole

“Richardova Emigrate “Eat you alive” kytara. Viděli jste video? Ta věc je špinavá jak $%§, haha 🙂 “ (c)RZK

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