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Oct 24 2016

Who knows what’s going on today?

Pictures are hints!                                   That’s right, it’s Eat You Alive anniversary!

Oct 12 2016

Pic for the anniversary

Thx Donna Sassano

Sep 16 2016

Eat You Alive

Emigrate Eat You Alive bass drum is now available on Bandist. Link HERE

May 19 2016

Ripped right from the hell in a hole

“Richardova Emigrate “Eat you alive” kytara. Viděli jste video? Ta věc je špinavá jak $%§, haha 🙂 “ (c)RZK

May 12 2016

Emigrate bass drum

Mar 15 2016

Eaaat you alive

Too catchy! Once it’s in your head, it will never leave

Aug 26 2015


Thx for this pic, Arnaud. Photo by a great eye of Terry Matlin 

Aug 09 2015

With Frank

There was a time I was all ready to go It was divine Gotta get on with the show

Aug 04 2015

Ripped right from the hands of heaven

Single Eat You Alive – UK promo version

Jan 21 2015

Very interesting interview from Zoran Bihac

It’s mostly about Rammstein, but here are some Emigrate parts. EMIGRATE Q: Is it different to work only with Richard instead of Rammstein? A: Well, he is one of six. More intense discussions. It is a different band. First it is hard to seperate Rammstein from Emigrate. Q: What was the idea behind the video for …

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