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Jan 04 2017

Various Emigrate Song Art

New Art from Donna Sassano @hkdsass

Dec 24 2016

Merry Christmas

Credit: Donna Sassano

Dec 22 2016

Merry Christmas from the Emigrate Fans Family

Credit: Donna Sassano

Nov 11 2016


Once again, thx Donna Sassano.

Oct 12 2016

Pic for the anniversary

Thx Donna Sassano

Oct 04 2016

Redesign on fb

As always, big thx to Donna Sassano!

Aug 23 2016


Thx again, Donna!

Aug 15 2016

Fresh ink

Sent in by Felipe Coimbra. Thank you! There’s still blood!

Jul 22 2016

That’s right!

Thx ©Donna Sassano

May 24 2016

New profile picture fb

Here we go. Big thanks to Donna Sassano for great edit.

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