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Nov 14 2016

Happy anniversary SSL

2 years! ©rocketandwink

Sep 16 2016

Eat You Alive

Emigrate Eat You Alive bass drum is now available on Bandist. Link HERE

Sep 13 2016

Win a RZK strap

Unfortunately not everyone can see this giveaway. Good luck to those that can 🙂 Link HERE

Aug 31 2016


Uf, it’s been exactly 9 years to the day since Emigrate was released. Quite nostalgic if you ask me. I remember how I went to the nearest music store to buy the record and I also remember the first time I heard it. It gave me shivers. The melodies and Richard singing for the first …

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Jun 14 2016

RZK’s guitar picks in stock!

Buy one pack of 4 signature guitar picks for €14. RZK AUDIO

May 22 2016

Picks of destiny?


May 19 2016

Ripped right from the hell in a hole

“Richardova Emigrate “Eat you alive” kytara. Viděli jste video? Ta věc je špinavá jak $%§, haha 🙂 “ (c)RZK

May 19 2016

Super picture from a fan

His (up) and RZK’s (down) hand

May 17 2016

Bracelet made from used strings

“What do you think about the bracelet idea? Here is a sample made of guitar strings used by Richard at Wacken Open Air with Rammstein. Everything handwritten by the boss. Sterling Silver Engraved RZK. Comes also with an exclusive stageJim Dunlop Guitar Products RZK guitar pick. Feedback please !” (c)RZK

May 17 2016

“Ripped right from the hands of heaven”

Richard’s EC-1000 SSP

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