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Aug 21 2016

“Rise or die”

Here is the new song of the band Vamps that was written by Richard. (He isn’t in the video nor do you actually hear anything of him) Enjoy.

Aug 16 2016

New collaboration on the way

VAMPS and Richard! Release day should be August 31st. “The coupling track in the single RISE OR DIE also features another renowned name, with the guitarist of German industrial-metal band Rammstein, Richard Z. Kruspe, lending his guitar and composing skills for the song” Article HERE

Aug 20 2015

Another collaboration

Promo cd Hotei with song Move It where Richard Kruspe is featuring.

Jul 08 2015

Co-operation of Richard and Rakim

Richard is a rockstar, Rakim is a hip hop star. It worked quite well though. Thanks to Richard’s guitar of course.