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Apr 25 2016

Another studio time


Apr 20 2016

Riff master riffin’


Apr 18 2016

Cuz we all love new pictures!

The boss playing the infamous ESP 901 “Herzeleid” guitar. (c)RZK

Apr 10 2016

The man has style!

Have a great week (c)RZK

Apr 09 2016

Good morning :)

One picture from Peter Tägtgren (Pain, Hypocrisy) for a better day. “Got a chance to meet the great riff master Richard Kruspe. Now I need to sleep Good night! :-* ” (c)Peter Tägtgren

Apr 08 2016

Olaf Heine and his exhibition

From @olafheinestudio exhibition 🙂 It’s open from 7th April – 11th September in Berlin. Try to visit, his pictures are incredible! This one was taken on 6th April by @nhow.berlin

Mar 15 2016

Eaaat you alive

Too catchy! Once it’s in your head, it will never leave

Mar 11 2016

Have a nice weekend


Mar 10 2016

A bit of history

One our fan made a youtube channel only for Orgasm Death Gimmick. All released audio is there sorted in playlists. Pretty cool, thank you 🙂 Click HERE

Mar 09 2016

The rumors are true!

There’s a new page on fb which is run by Team RZK. Meaning – the closest to Richard you can get. First giveaway coming soon! (c)RZK https://www.facebook.com/OfficialRZK/

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