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Oct 24 2016

Who knows what’s going on today?

Pictures are hints!                                   That’s right, it’s Eat You Alive anniversary!

Oct 12 2016

Pic for the anniversary

Thx Donna Sassano

Oct 12 2016


Happy anniversary to NYC single! 9 years <3️ For me probably the most important song of all. It was the beginning. Atmosphere of the song is amazing and those few starting notes that go through the whole song will always be the first thing I remember when someone mentions it.

Oct 12 2015

Happy anniversary

NYC was released 8 years ago! 12th October 2007

Apr 02 2015

Happy anniversary

2/4/2001 has been released Mutter album by Rammstein. It’s related to Emigrate, because Richard moved to New York during this era. As we know, it all started there. Plus it’s my favorite!