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Richard established Rammstein in the end of 20th century, but there’s a democracy in this band. That means a lof of individual ideas are not accepted and Richard got kinda frustrated. He couldn’t breathe. And that’s how the whole idea of second project started.

The idea started to form in RZK’s head in 2001. He left Berlin and entered completely new city which gave him tons of inspiration. I’m talking about never sleeping New York City. RZK with his wife (that time) wrote a lot of lyrics and he started to compose music in 2005. Rammstein were on longer break so he had time and possibility to make that happen. Richard is in Emigrate the head and soul of all project, playing lead guitar and singing (in English).

Rammstein will always be number 1 for Richard, but without Emigrate this huge ship called Rammstein would sink with all 6 captains. Emigrate is a cure for him and as he told: it was important to me, cuz in the end of the day it saved Rammstein. If people appreciate it, it’s fine, if not, it’s fine too. 

The first album was released in 2007 and Emigrate is just a studio project so far. During short break with Rammstein in 2013 RZK decided to work on second album.

The second album with the title Silent So Long was released on 14th of November 2014.

photo © emigrate